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Dec. 31st , 2011


Today is New Year’s Eve. It seems a good day to begin a new blog for the New Year coming up – 2012,


So far, Christmas has brought a new kitty, who has now adopted us as her new family. Her name is Fluffy, and she is a beautiful long haired gray kitty with little white boots and a white splash on her nose.
We went through several names for her: Misty, Smoky, Sparkle, StarMist (contributed by an imaginative ten year old !) While it was difficult not to choose StarMist – Here, StarMist – come to momma, GalaxyMist! – when we asked the kitty which name she liked best, the only name she would answer to was Fluffy.


When I looked at her and said, “Come here, Fluffy!” She looked back at me and meowed, and then she actually ran over to me!


I don’t think she read in the cat manual the instructions that when you are a cat, and people ask you to do something – like come – you are NOT supposed to respond – in any manner whatsoever. I think the cat manual actually says something like – “Pretend NOT to hear the request (because someone should NEVER command a cat); put your nose up very high in the air, and walk away, preferably with your tail also high up in the air in a manner of aloof scornful disdain.”


But not Fluffy- she appeared quite happy to have a name she appreciated, and eagerly came over. To me. I think she MAY have read the dog manual by mistake. I have heard that this happens. I have two daughters, 11 and 14, and we have noted before that our dog, a border collie / husky mix exhibits cat – like behavior. She will come over to us and put her head in our lap – as a 60 pound table high dog, that is all that she can fit.


We rescued her from a local shelter, and named her April. When we first adopted her, she tried to climb into my lap – all 60 pounds of fluffy furry big husky dog – after first knocking me over in her haste to rush onto my coveted seat on the couch. After I picked myself up, from my nose first dive into the couch, and pushed the 60 pound dog off my lap, I had the sad task of telling our dog that she was NOT a tiny little fluffy cat, or even a medium sized poodle – that she was in reality, a BIG, 60 pound HUSKY, who, unfortunately, did NOT fit on my lap.


April didn’t take the news well, she slunk off with her fluffy tail drooping down towards the floor, and her cute little perky ears flattened onto her head, and her big brown eyes gazed at me mournfully. Ten biscuits and a peanut butter spoon treat and several games of chewy toy push and pull later, she felt much better – although now cheerfully on her way to being an even bigger 65 pound doggy! We do try to walk her and have her work some of the doggie treats off though!


But back to Fluffy – she is learning her way around her new house, and although she has not responded to this name – also has a tendency to mooch food – again like a dog! This has me thinking that maybe I should give her a double name like Fluffy Moocher – I could even hyphenate it, you know like those Southern names – Sally May – Missy Sue – Gracie Lou – so: Fluffy-Moocher. But, then people might think we have an odd cross-hyb rid dog-cat – you know, like that cartoon about CAT DOG! My kids liked to watch that now and then, although it was a little bit odd. I don’t think anyone told Fluffy that cats are supposed to be too dignified to mooch food – are NOT supposed to lick off people’s plates, and are not supposed to try to swipe their little paws off your plate and steal your food. Although – now that I have thought this all through – perhaps Fluffy HAS been learning from a cat – I have just realized that this all sounds a LOT like some cartoon kitty I once heard of – called, what was it now – GGG —JJJJ? Gerard? OR was it GARFIELD?


Yes – maybe we have been adopted at Christmas from a feline relative of the famous cartoon cat – Garfield!!!!! Uh, oh – I think we might be in Trouble!!! Everyone – GUARD YOUR LASAGNA _ QUICK!!!!!!

All best wishes to everyone for the Best Happy New Year Ever! Here’s hoping we all survive 2012!!!!! Who knows what will happen!!! I am hoping that we will all turn a new road – and find ourselves in one of the more optimistic sci-fi movies – you know, like ET or Star Wars – but the last one – after we have already beaten the Evil Empire!


Happy New Year!



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