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This is a poem I wrote, called Illumine, that  I thought that I would share with you.


Around her breast she draws a cloak of wind

A wild gust that surges her into the clouds

Where misty silver shrouds

Net the early evening stars sparkle

A tremble of wind

Merely a whisper of the roaring giant

Shatters the mist against

A sudden blaze of blue

And, freed,

The distant star’s sparkle

Glistens on her wings

The light carries her forward

Thousands of starlit years

To this one moment

Where a white dove flies

Suspended in mid soar

Against a shimmering golden light

Edged in blue

Ribboning the sky

A flutter, a beat of wings,

And only light remains.


Posted February 13, 2012 by weeklyradiance in Uncategorized

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