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In every beginning of a new year, this is the time when lots of us focus on new goals and resurrecting old goals we may have forgotten.  I read somewhere that right about now is when a lot of people start to forget the goals they set for themselves in January.  I think that’s a shame, because Spring seems like the perfect time to create new beginnings for ourselves.  It is almost Spring, now, even though it seems that the sneaky groundhog was right and has apparently given us the gift of more winter!

Right now, we have a light frosting of snow on the ground, here in Michigan. I have always loved to look at the snow since I was a little girl.  I grew up in Connecticut, so there was plenty of snow to look at!   I have fond memories of ferocious snowstorms where the outside world turned into a whirling swirl of snow and wind and branches whipping in the wind ,while the snow piled up into 3 feet all around.

Once the storm ceased and the snow settled, the world was transformed into a blanket of white and crystal which coated everything.  Everywhere you looked, the snow sparkled and danced in the sunlight.  Your breath frosted the air and at times the snow was so deep that you couldn’t even see where the road and the sidewalk ended.  It just looked like the world was one white carpet continuing on with no end and no beginning.  All of the neighbor’s lands were connected by the snow.

Then everyone came out with their snow shovels and snow blowers and started chiseling paths in the snow so you could see the dividing lines again.  One winter the snow was so deep that my brothers and I were actually able to dig a tunnel underneath the snow .  You couldn’t see the tunnel from above the top snow crusting the tunnel – we had left a thin top sheathing our tunnel.  When one of us burrowed inside the tunnel holding a flashlight and the rest of us watched from above, we could see the light glowing and bobbing under the snow –  as if the snow contained a glowworm shining his light through the crystal walls of snow.

Then we would come in from the cold, and my mom would make us hot cups of cocoa, with gooey marshmallows melting in the cocoa.  Gradually the warmth would seep back into our fingers and toes, and then we could admire the beautiful brilliance of the snow from inside the cozy warmth of the house.

When I think back to those childhood memories, as an adult, they seem to take on a deeper meaning.  When we are kids we live in the moment and capture it.  Each moment from our childhood we can now use for a shining light that we can cast into our adulthood.  We all have different memories, of course.  But, when you look back at your childhood, try to think of these special moments of your life.  When you lived so in the moment that each moment was a precious gift.

Now, I can think of things that I didn’t think of when I was little, from those same memories.  I still absorbed the deeper meaning, somehow, so that I can see the meaning now.  As a child, even the bitterest, coldest days and the most ferocious of winter storms still gave beauty and richness to the world.

When I think of how the snow connected all of our lands and made all of our houses and yards one land – even for a moment – it made the world seem like a harmonious place, one of beauty and grace and sweetness.  Even though, after that the snow was gone and everything was divided up again, I was still aware of how it once was, and how the world could be.

When my brothers and I created the tunnel in the snow, and burrowed underneath it with our flashlights, causing the whole surface of the snow to glisten as it was lit from within, it seemed that anything was possible.  We could make the snow glow with our light.  What other wonderful things could we do?  The world seemed open with possibilities – limited only by our imagination.

So, today, think back to when you were a little kid, and might have wriggled underneath a glistening tunnel of snow, shining your light for all to see and casting your light into sparkling beauty.  Your goals are your light to share with the world.  We are waiting to see the beautiful light that you will shine.

When we all shine our light together, the world will be so bright!  I look forward to the bright new world this spring of 2012 will bring.


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