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One of the earliest Star Trek episodes was called:  “For the World is Hollow and I have Touched the Sky” , written by Rik Vollaerts.  If you don’t know the story, the basic premise is that there is a spaceship, called Yonada,  that the Enterprise comes in contact with, since the Yonada space ship is on a collision course with a planet of several million people and their course needs to be changed.

One of my favorite lines from this episode is when Natira, the beautiful woman leader, confronts the computer (which she thinks is their God) about the real truth of their world being a space ship.  The computer denies this fact, and tells Natira that this is not “their truth” – that her truth is the “truth of Yonada”.

Natira responds with this statement:

“Is not truth, truth for all?”

One of the things I love about Star Trek is that many of the episodes have stuck with me since I was a teenager. The principles of truth, honor, loyalty and the true love of fellowship deeply resonated with me.  This particular episode is one that I remember – whenever I have questions in my life about what “truth” really is.  

I am sure that many of us may have had times in our life when we were  misjudged or negatively represented, either because of our gender, our ethnicity, or a physical condition.   Even well meaning people growing up may have told us things like, “girls aren’t good at math” or “boys aren’t good at writing literature”, or “you’re never going to be athletic”, etc.,  – things these people may even have sincerely believed to be “true”.  And less well meaning people may have said things that they claimed were “true” about us – their “truth” which was really used to hurt or to criticize or to bully.   I am sure that anyone who has encountered a time in their life when they were given a negative label of any kind will understand how difficult it can be to overcome.

A negative label can have the effect of stripping you down to the bare essence of your very sense of self and you must make a decision.  Stay true to your own self-knowledge and believe in yourself despite what anyone else says of you, or risk damaging your sense of self-worth, falling prey to believing what other people say about yourself, even when it is not true.

There is no way that anyone but you can ever truly know your thoughts, your heart,  the contents of your soul, or your capabilities.  False accusations and false representations of yourself by others can never change the essence of who you are – unless you let them.  Any negative label is just that, a label, and labels can never define us.  Labels can be changed – but our very essence, our spirit, never changes.

When we are negatively labeled by others and publicly told something about ourselves that is not true – then we must decide whether to live by our truth or by the “truth” of others.  As Natira says in the Star Trek episode above, “Is not truth, truth for all?”

I am so blessed to have people in my life who see me as I truly am and who love and support me.  These are the people who have helped me through challenging times and taught me how to overcome negative labels. This is one of the true blessings in my life.

We all are doing the best that we can, to be the best people we can be – on a good day! And we all have our days when we struggle to do as good a job as we can under sometimes very difficult circumstances. So don’t let anyone label you either “good” or “not good enough”. Other people don’t get to decide that – only you, and God, can decide that. I personally believe that God also always stands by you when you stand firm in your own truth and that we are all children of a God that loves us.

Whether God exists is a post for another day, but perhaps even those who are not sure of this, can agree to follow the golden rule.  This sets the moral standard, “to treat others as you would like to be treated yourself”.  Certainly we can all agree that love exists and that it is one of the highest goals to remember to love ourselves.  When we do, it follows that we will treat other people with love as well.  I believe that a world filled with love is a world that is worth striving for.


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