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One of the earliest Star Trek episodes was called:  “For the World is Hollow and I have Touched the Sky” , written by Rik Vollaerts.  If you don’t know the story, the basic premise is that there is a spaceship, called Yonada,  that the Enterprise comes in contact with, since the Yonada space ship is on a collision course with a planet of several million people and their course needs to be changed.

One of my favorite lines from this episode is when Natira, the beautiful woman leader, confronts the computer (which she thinks is their God) about the real truth of their world being a space ship.  The computer denies this fact, and tells Natira that this is not “their truth” – that her truth is the “truth of Yonada”.

Natira responds with this statement:

“Is not truth, truth for all?”

One of the things I love about Star Trek is that many of the episodes have stuck with me since I was a teenager. The principles of truth, honor, loyalty and the true love of fellowship deeply resonated with me.  This particular episode is one that I remember – whenever I have questions in my life about what “truth” really is.  

I am sure that many of us may have had times in our life when we were  misjudged or negatively represented, either because of our gender, our ethnicity, or a physical condition.   Even well meaning people growing up may have told us things like, “girls aren’t good at math” or “boys aren’t good at writing literature”, or “you’re never going to be athletic”, etc.,  – things these people may even have sincerely believed to be “true”.  And less well meaning people may have said things that they claimed were “true” about us – their “truth” which was really used to hurt or to criticize or to bully.   I am sure that anyone who has encountered a time in their life when they were given a negative label of any kind will understand how difficult it can be to overcome.

A negative label can have the effect of stripping you down to the bare essence of your very sense of self and you must make a decision.  Stay true to your own self-knowledge and believe in yourself despite what anyone else says of you, or risk damaging your sense of self-worth, falling prey to believing what other people say about yourself, even when it is not true.

There is no way that anyone but you can ever truly know your thoughts, your heart,  the contents of your soul, or your capabilities.  False accusations and false representations of yourself by others can never change the essence of who you are – unless you let them.  Any negative label is just that, a label, and labels can never define us.  Labels can be changed – but our very essence, our spirit, never changes.

When we are negatively labeled by others and publicly told something about ourselves that is not true – then we must decide whether to live by our truth or by the “truth” of others.  As Natira says in the Star Trek episode above, “Is not truth, truth for all?”

I am so blessed to have people in my life who see me as I truly am and who love and support me.  These are the people who have helped me through challenging times and taught me how to overcome negative labels. This is one of the true blessings in my life.

We all are doing the best that we can, to be the best people we can be – on a good day! And we all have our days when we struggle to do as good a job as we can under sometimes very difficult circumstances. So don’t let anyone label you either “good” or “not good enough”. Other people don’t get to decide that – only you, and God, can decide that. I personally believe that God also always stands by you when you stand firm in your own truth and that we are all children of a God that loves us.

Whether God exists is a post for another day, but perhaps even those who are not sure of this, can agree to follow the golden rule.  This sets the moral standard, “to treat others as you would like to be treated yourself”.  Certainly we can all agree that love exists and that it is one of the highest goals to remember to love ourselves.  When we do, it follows that we will treat other people with love as well.  I believe that a world filled with love is a world that is worth striving for.


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Dec. 31st , 2011


Today is New Year’s Eve. It seems a good day to begin a new blog for the New Year coming up – 2012,


So far, Christmas has brought a new kitty, who has now adopted us as her new family. Her name is Fluffy, and she is a beautiful long haired gray kitty with little white boots and a white splash on her nose.
We went through several names for her: Misty, Smoky, Sparkle, StarMist (contributed by an imaginative ten year old !) While it was difficult not to choose StarMist – Here, StarMist – come to momma, GalaxyMist! – when we asked the kitty which name she liked best, the only name she would answer to was Fluffy.


When I looked at her and said, “Come here, Fluffy!” She looked back at me and meowed, and then she actually ran over to me!


I don’t think she read in the cat manual the instructions that when you are a cat, and people ask you to do something – like come – you are NOT supposed to respond – in any manner whatsoever. I think the cat manual actually says something like – “Pretend NOT to hear the request (because someone should NEVER command a cat); put your nose up very high in the air, and walk away, preferably with your tail also high up in the air in a manner of aloof scornful disdain.”


But not Fluffy- she appeared quite happy to have a name she appreciated, and eagerly came over. To me. I think she MAY have read the dog manual by mistake. I have heard that this happens. I have two daughters, 11 and 14, and we have noted before that our dog, a border collie / husky mix exhibits cat – like behavior. She will come over to us and put her head in our lap – as a 60 pound table high dog, that is all that she can fit.


We rescued her from a local shelter, and named her April. When we first adopted her, she tried to climb into my lap – all 60 pounds of fluffy furry big husky dog – after first knocking me over in her haste to rush onto my coveted seat on the couch. After I picked myself up, from my nose first dive into the couch, and pushed the 60 pound dog off my lap, I had the sad task of telling our dog that she was NOT a tiny little fluffy cat, or even a medium sized poodle – that she was in reality, a BIG, 60 pound HUSKY, who, unfortunately, did NOT fit on my lap.


April didn’t take the news well, she slunk off with her fluffy tail drooping down towards the floor, and her cute little perky ears flattened onto her head, and her big brown eyes gazed at me mournfully. Ten biscuits and a peanut butter spoon treat and several games of chewy toy push and pull later, she felt much better – although now cheerfully on her way to being an even bigger 65 pound doggy! We do try to walk her and have her work some of the doggie treats off though!


But back to Fluffy – she is learning her way around her new house, and although she has not responded to this name – also has a tendency to mooch food – again like a dog! This has me thinking that maybe I should give her a double name like Fluffy Moocher – I could even hyphenate it, you know like those Southern names – Sally May – Missy Sue – Gracie Lou – so: Fluffy-Moocher. But, then people might think we have an odd cross-hyb rid dog-cat – you know, like that cartoon about CAT DOG! My kids liked to watch that now and then, although it was a little bit odd. I don’t think anyone told Fluffy that cats are supposed to be too dignified to mooch food – are NOT supposed to lick off people’s plates, and are not supposed to try to swipe their little paws off your plate and steal your food. Although – now that I have thought this all through – perhaps Fluffy HAS been learning from a cat – I have just realized that this all sounds a LOT like some cartoon kitty I once heard of – called, what was it now – GGG —JJJJ? Gerard? OR was it GARFIELD?


Yes – maybe we have been adopted at Christmas from a feline relative of the famous cartoon cat – Garfield!!!!! Uh, oh – I think we might be in Trouble!!! Everyone – GUARD YOUR LASAGNA _ QUICK!!!!!!

All best wishes to everyone for the Best Happy New Year Ever! Here’s hoping we all survive 2012!!!!! Who knows what will happen!!! I am hoping that we will all turn a new road – and find ourselves in one of the more optimistic sci-fi movies – you know, like ET or Star Wars – but the last one – after we have already beaten the Evil Empire!


Happy New Year!


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This is a poem I wrote, called Illumine, that  I thought that I would share with you.


Around her breast she draws a cloak of wind

A wild gust that surges her into the clouds

Where misty silver shrouds

Net the early evening stars sparkle

A tremble of wind

Merely a whisper of the roaring giant

Shatters the mist against

A sudden blaze of blue

And, freed,

The distant star’s sparkle

Glistens on her wings

The light carries her forward

Thousands of starlit years

To this one moment

Where a white dove flies

Suspended in mid soar

Against a shimmering golden light

Edged in blue

Ribboning the sky

A flutter, a beat of wings,

And only light remains.

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Shining your Light   Leave a comment

In every beginning of a new year, this is the time when lots of us focus on new goals and resurrecting old goals we may have forgotten.  I read somewhere that right about now is when a lot of people start to forget the goals they set for themselves in January.  I think that’s a shame, because Spring seems like the perfect time to create new beginnings for ourselves.  It is almost Spring, now, even though it seems that the sneaky groundhog was right and has apparently given us the gift of more winter!

Right now, we have a light frosting of snow on the ground, here in Michigan. I have always loved to look at the snow since I was a little girl.  I grew up in Connecticut, so there was plenty of snow to look at!   I have fond memories of ferocious snowstorms where the outside world turned into a whirling swirl of snow and wind and branches whipping in the wind ,while the snow piled up into 3 feet all around.

Once the storm ceased and the snow settled, the world was transformed into a blanket of white and crystal which coated everything.  Everywhere you looked, the snow sparkled and danced in the sunlight.  Your breath frosted the air and at times the snow was so deep that you couldn’t even see where the road and the sidewalk ended.  It just looked like the world was one white carpet continuing on with no end and no beginning.  All of the neighbor’s lands were connected by the snow.

Then everyone came out with their snow shovels and snow blowers and started chiseling paths in the snow so you could see the dividing lines again.  One winter the snow was so deep that my brothers and I were actually able to dig a tunnel underneath the snow .  You couldn’t see the tunnel from above the top snow crusting the tunnel – we had left a thin top sheathing our tunnel.  When one of us burrowed inside the tunnel holding a flashlight and the rest of us watched from above, we could see the light glowing and bobbing under the snow –  as if the snow contained a glowworm shining his light through the crystal walls of snow.

Then we would come in from the cold, and my mom would make us hot cups of cocoa, with gooey marshmallows melting in the cocoa.  Gradually the warmth would seep back into our fingers and toes, and then we could admire the beautiful brilliance of the snow from inside the cozy warmth of the house.

When I think back to those childhood memories, as an adult, they seem to take on a deeper meaning.  When we are kids we live in the moment and capture it.  Each moment from our childhood we can now use for a shining light that we can cast into our adulthood.  We all have different memories, of course.  But, when you look back at your childhood, try to think of these special moments of your life.  When you lived so in the moment that each moment was a precious gift.

Now, I can think of things that I didn’t think of when I was little, from those same memories.  I still absorbed the deeper meaning, somehow, so that I can see the meaning now.  As a child, even the bitterest, coldest days and the most ferocious of winter storms still gave beauty and richness to the world.

When I think of how the snow connected all of our lands and made all of our houses and yards one land – even for a moment – it made the world seem like a harmonious place, one of beauty and grace and sweetness.  Even though, after that the snow was gone and everything was divided up again, I was still aware of how it once was, and how the world could be.

When my brothers and I created the tunnel in the snow, and burrowed underneath it with our flashlights, causing the whole surface of the snow to glisten as it was lit from within, it seemed that anything was possible.  We could make the snow glow with our light.  What other wonderful things could we do?  The world seemed open with possibilities – limited only by our imagination.

So, today, think back to when you were a little kid, and might have wriggled underneath a glistening tunnel of snow, shining your light for all to see and casting your light into sparkling beauty.  Your goals are your light to share with the world.  We are waiting to see the beautiful light that you will shine.

When we all shine our light together, the world will be so bright!  I look forward to the bright new world this spring of 2012 will bring.

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A Tapestry of Life   1 comment

It was a New Year’s resolution for me to write a blog this year.  So this is my first blog.  A tiny slice of my life to share with you so far is that I am a single mom and have two daughters, age 11 and 14.  I am in the everchanging process of juggling family, work and the many interwoven relationships that make up the fabric of our lives.

When I stop and think about the weave of my life, it is amazing how simple it sometimes seems, and other times, the complexities of life fill me to overflowing so that it seems I can barely catch a breath.   When I focus on on a single thread woven into the fabric of my life it helps to draw me back into the entire  tapestry.

When I stop and examine just that one thread of  life, my family, my pets, a song, a poem, a treasured heartfelt word from a loved one – these are the threads that give meaning to the tapestry of  my life.  It is the weaving of these small strands that make up my chosen tapestry.

I think a question that I can ask myself is:  do I want more smiles in my tapestry, more moments of joy, more laughter?  Then these are the threads I  must collect, and these are the threads I need to weave.   I think that our threads can interconnect with a greater whole and give greater meaning to not only us, but to all those we love whose pictures are interwoven into our tapestry of life.

So these thoughts on this blog are also another thread to link into the pattern of my tapestry.  If I were an artist, I think I would draw many pictures and throw them into a collage of wonderful vibrant colors interwoven – at once separate by themselves and yet interlocked with the rest of the artistry.

Since I can only draw with words, then, what is in my heart to create here is a collage of images, and thoughts, and occasional poems, and bits and pieces of my heart that we can, together, intweave into a tapestry that, hopefully, will have meaning to more than just me.  All we are is our stories, and it is our stories that make us each, unique in all of the universe.  We all want to matter, and it is important for our voice to be heard, and so important when someone listens.

Welcome to my story.

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